The Triumphant is a pop music collective formed in 2011 by Garret Thomas and Marissa Park. It began with Garret putting his original piano compositions to a handful of Marissa’s lyrics and ascended from there. The idea is to make a disillusioned generation feel like royalty. The settings of the songs are informed by classical orchestral pieces and  cinematic soundtracks, as well as 60’s doo-wop and 70’s rock-and-roll. 
Since its conception, The Triumphant has become a full-fledged studio project featuring such talents as Rusty Stevens and Tim Lawter of the Marshall Tucker Band, OneRepublic tour drummer Dan Bailey, bassist Tyler Halford and producer/engineer Christian Cummings. The Triumphant’s debut EP “The Glorious Hours” is available on iTunes now.
Garret Thomas Woodward is a singer and instrumentalist with 8 years of theatre and operetta experience that drives and inspires him to pursue the lush pop settings he creates now. He will be living in Los Angeles starting in July of 2013 and plans to perform at open mics regularly and grow his fanbase and provide triumph to more and more members of this disillusioned generation.
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